This Christian Novella is a story of love, faith, and consequences of giving in to temptation.

Natalia Philips is a manipulative, self-entitled paralegal, who will stop at nothing to win the affections of the new lawyer, Bryan Hunter. Natalia is accustomed to the finer things in life, and she has every intention of remaining married to her husband, Terrance for financial support. But her heart belongs to Bryan.
Bryan re-dedicates his life to Christ, and sets his sights on a more conservative lady, Ashlee Allen. After he breaks it off with Natalia, he realizes her issues are deeper than he thought. In addition, they share a secret that could destroy any chance he had with Ashlee. 
Will Natalia's conniving ways, and the secret she and Bryan share, threaten the future he desires with Ashlee?
Ashlee has faced many struggles in her twenty years. Pregnant at seventeen, and two children by twenty, she was forced to make it on her own, without the help of her family. After being let down by her father and the father of her children, Ashlee is determined not to let it happen again.
Will Ashlee's past trials and her own insecurities keep her from finding true love?

A few words about TEMPTATION from Cassie Edwards Whitlow:

It is my desire that your faith is increased and you will trust that your journey, no matter how rough will lead to your destiny.

Cassie Edwards Whitlow is the author of two novellas, Temptation and One Wish. She creates relatable characters who grapple with issues she herself has a passion for: women’s mental, intellectual, and physical health issues. Cassie A native of Arkansas, wife of an Air Force Sergeant, and mom of two, Cassie currently resides in a small village in England. To learn more, visit Cassie at www.cassieewhitlow.com

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