Under the Overpass #FF40 Reshare

Vertical Reach = 5

Mike Yankoski is very transparent in the way he reaches out to and relies on God to help him as he delves into the part of society many people ignore or choose to ignore. He prays, worship and studies for guidance and direction throughout the book.

Ministry Message = 4
What would your faith look like if you were homeless? How does your faith help those who are homeless if you are not? This book opens the eyes of the more sheltered into the truth of millions of American's daily reality.

Craft = 4
With an amazing amount of grace and finesse Mike Yankoski paints pictures of horrible conditions without using disgusting or shock based tactics to guilt readers into seeing the "invisible". Description is crisp and the narrative is engaging. Very well done.

Aesthetics = 3
It's gritty, raw and appealing to those interested in something gritty and raw. I'd like to see a cover more refined to draw the sect of Christians who wouldn't see Mike and Sam on their journey.

Dollar$ & $ense = 4
I think everyone who professes Christ would do well to read this book because we can all do better in the area of loving the poor.

Just saying. When you feed one of these you have fed me, when you have clothed one of these you have clothed me. Remember that guy...

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