This Christian Urban Fantasy novelette is back-story for Max Johnson, from Protective Instincts and Tough Choices.

Even as Death Draws Near, Hope Rebounds

Though he knew the risks when he joined the Marines to fight in Korea, Lance Corporal Max Johnson never expected his life to end so soon. He certainly didn't think the end would come in enemy hands and a dark hole. Injured, half-frozen, and feverish with infection, he finds himself rescued by a familiar ally who makes him a very unusual offer....

A few words about RESTORATION from D.M. Turner:

We may not be werewolves, or face the exact sorts of trials Max had to contend with, but God's always there and will help us through all the trials of life. We have only to reach out and accept the hand He offers.

Dawn lives in the high desert of Southern Arizona with her husband of over 20 years and a variety of furry and feathered critters. She enjoys photography, crochet, scrapbooking, spinning her own yarn from wool and alpaca, beading and jewelry-making, and lots of reading. When not doing those things, she writes romance, romantic-suspense, women's fiction, and medieval and urban fantasy with a Christian worldview. She took first place in the Contemporary Romance category, as well as winning the Grand Prize, in the 2011 Writers on the Storm Category Five Writing Contest.

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