Love is a Flame 40 Faithful Days reShare

Vertical Reach = 2
The stories show how one spouse in a relationship draws on having, starting or rekindling a relationship with God. Beyond scripture reference there is not alot of detailed examples of relating to God.

Ministry Message = 4
Love is a flame that can burn up any and everything that tries to stand in its way. It requires maintenance to continue to grow. When tended to properly it can warm your home.

Craft = 3
The editor who picked the stories selected well thought out effective and inspiring stories many couples will be able to relate to and learn from.

Aethetics = 4
I love purple and pink. So if trying to attract women who like to read, love purple and pink...mission accomplished. Beautiful cover. The contrast of the colors caught my eye if I saw it in a store I would pause. If I saw it on a site or blog I'd click on it.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.25
Readers who learn better from the examples and lives of others than from direct instruction this book is perfect. For those who like devotionals, and don't want to hear about others may not enjoy this as much as something more structured or formal.

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