Jesus in the Present Tense 40 Faithful Days reShare

Vertical Reach = 4
 The emphasis is on the role of living with God in the here and now. There is a good amount of discourse about the importance of recognizing and embracing Christ in the present day as opposed to relating to him as someone from the past.

Ministry Message = 3
The intended message is to encourage the reader to look to God and a relationship with Christ as a viable relationship with life applicable rewards in modern times. When the author is not gently rebuking the trend of popular Christian pastors and other public figures or giving reason why he is qualified to make the insights he is offering it is an enjoyable read.

Craft = 4
Wiersbe writes well. His tone is direct and authoritative about the subject matter. His style is informative with a mix of subjective opinion.

Aesthetics = 3
The cover is bold and pretty and I would pick it up just to see how the fireball related to the actual content. I think I get it but I'm not fully sure so that is why I gave it a 3.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.5
Warren Wiersbe offers a persuasive argument for why we can and should look to have an active and life applicable relationship with the true and living God and accept Christ's promises for our lives today. 

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