God of Chaos

In the lush and verdant land of Khemet, an ancient royal returns after a lifetime away. He brings with him a new god and the worst chaos the land has seen since the beginning of time. Young King Men-Kheper-Re is the only one on earth able to convince the gods to stop the wanton destruction of the land, but is unwilling. 

Not even Hapiseneb, the young king's most trusted advisor, is able to persuade him to allow this new god's only request. A god himself, Men-Kheper-Re instead chooses to engage this newcomer in a battle of wits and wagers, choosing instead to replay the same contests fought millennia ago. 

Everyone in the land of Khemet suffers from the gods' battles. Far away from the palaces and politics, Yered, a foreigner, hears about this god of his ancestor--this god his fathers forsook that had promised them everything before abandoning them to slavery. The ancient royal promised a land flowing with milk and honey, but all Yered can see is mud and straw.

A few words from GOD of CHAOS author R.M. Strong:
Even though we all know how the story ends, it is my sincere hope that you come away from reading God of Chaos with a deeper understanding of the history of the first Passover, and apply it to what you hear, read, and study about the ultimate Passover Lamb.  I also hope you take away, as I did, a better understanding of how God not only meets us where we are, but -- knowing all of our faults and weaknesses -- pursues us and makes His presence compeltely undeniable. He is the "I will Be There Howsowever I Will Be There". He was in the palaces and brickyards of Egypt, and He still is today. 

RM Strong lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, son, dog, cat, 4-H guinea pigs and therapy chinchilla. When she is not volunteering at church or at her son's elementary school, 4-H, fencing club, or helping him with Cub Scouts, she is writing or thinking about writing.

R.M. Strong plans to observe Lent this year and invites you to share how your growing closer to God with her by connecting on Facebook. You can also find out more about her and her book on her website.

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