Finding Home

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What happens when you're so desperate for things to go your way, that anything goes? Jessica Wilson Arnold is a superstar professional speaker whose husband and friends fret about the strain of her ambitions, while she hungers for more. When a medical crisis and some poor decisions bring her fast-track success to a screeching halt, Jessica is forced to admit that her life isn’t as perfectly packaged as advertised. Her quest to restore her health and prioritize what matters most leads her to a crossroad. Will she revive her faith and learn to love herself and others more deeply, or cling to a path that threatens disaster? Jessica’s desperate choices and gripping fear will take readers on a literary ride that’s both shocking and familiar, mostly leaving them rooting for her to win big – with family, faith and finding her way.

A few words from FINDING HOME author Stacy Hawkins Adams:

When you reach the end of Finding Home, I hope you'll have a greater compassion for those living with any kind of chronic illness. I also hope you'll believe that whatever curve balls life throws us, we can overcome, and even thrive, when we trust God to see us through, rather than trying to fix things with our limited, human understanding.

As both a novelist and nonfiction writer, Stacy Hawkins Adams uses the written word to inspire readers to recognize their relevance, use it for good and enjoy the journey. She has penned 10 nationally published books, including fiction that fosters personal growth, illuminates journeys of faith and empowers women. Stacy also writes a parenting column for the daily newspaper in Richmond, Va. and curates, a blog through which she celebrates the power of women's stories and their unique journeys.

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