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Five years ago, The New Waiver Program was founded, offering teens of ages 15 to 17 the opportunity to sign up for a secret military based training project without parental consent. The program provides the perfect opportunity for troubled youth to leave their pasts behind and discover a promising future serving their country . . . or does it?
Seventeen-year-old Sam Jones of Denver, Colorado, escapes an abusive home to join the cause. Already lost and confused, seeking to find her way, she believes nothing could ever compare to the past she left behind. It doesn’t take long before she realizes that with one simple signature, she signed her life and soul away to a living nightmare designed to transform her into a “human killing machine.” Worse, as more dark secrets and mysteries are revealed, it appears clearer than ever that there’s no way out. Haunted by her violent past, the only answers may lie with the one she fears the most . . . a mysterious, faceless tyrant. Will she take a leap of faith and trust before it’s too late? Could that same leap of faith cost her everything?


I hope your journey into the New Waiver Program is not only exciting and suspenseful, but also spiritually uplifting and offers a unique, inspiring story of conviction, salvation, and personal growth.

I grew up a curious, homeschooled, preacher’s daughter, always questioning everything about life and wanting more than just scripted answers to the hard questions. I was always a skeptic, especially when I was diagnosed with a rare, painful childhood bone condition at the age of eight that continued through my late teens. Unable to just be a “normal” kid, I became depressed and secluded. Though I accepted Christ as my Savior at age fourteen, I learned quickly that salvation alone wasn’t just the quick fix answer to all of my problems. Soon I found myself in the dangerous spiral of anorexia, bulimia, and other self-destructive attitudes and behaviors. It was a long, hard road before I learned that the power of Christ imparted in me by His Spirit when I was saved is more than just a statement of doctrine . . . it’s a reality far stronger than any trial or struggle I could ever face in this life. I learned day-by-day to rely on His strength and not my own, leading me to live a life of fulfilment and purpose rather than one of fear and sadness. These experiences serve now as my inspiration to reach out to others, particularly young people who are looking for hope and answers to the hard questions in life.

I graduated with a B.A. in Mathematical Sciences at age 20, and an M.S. in Applied Mathematics at age 24. Meanwhile, I decided to switch career paths, earn an A.A. in Criminal Justice, and pursue a career in law enforcement, though I recently became an adjunct instructor for The University of Delaware. Along the way, I held many roles, including tutor, substitute teacher, fitness trainer, and an internship working with the technology behind automatic license plate reader systems. I am still fascinated by the power and capability of technology, even in my current, not so mathematical career field.

My real passion in life, far beyond career and education, is ministry. I am a member of Cokesbury Church and serve on the missions’ team and praise and worship team. In the past, I have been involved in ministry efforts to help individuals struggling with eating disorders and other self-image related issues. I currently work as a CrossFit Level I Trainer as a side hobby and enjoy inspiring those who struggle with body image and exercise related issues. My husband, a four-year USMC combat veteran, is in the process of becoming a military resilience counselor for the Army National Guard.
Feel free to check out my resources and blog or contact me any time.
Together with our six month old daughter, we are in the process of becoming foster parents. These two passions, military veterans and at-risk youth stand as my primary inspiration behind The New Waiver trilogy, my first literary work.

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