End of Genesis

It's 2003. America's at war, and nineteen year old Amanda Preston has just lost her husband, the father of her infant son, to an IED explosion in Iraq. With no money, no job, and no family she can depend on, her near future looks bleak as she is forced to move out of military housing.

In walks Damian Brinkley. An older and well-traveled man, he invites Amanda to a tent revival his ministry is leading. She's introduced to both God and prayer, and a relationship between the two immediately follows. Is he the solution to all of her problems, or is her already shattered heart about to be broken into even more pieces?

A few words from the author of End of Genesis author LaShanda Michelle:

I want you to feel shocked and alarmed. I want your heart to be filled with compassion, but I also want you to think. Think about your current religious organization. Think about what you're really doing. Are you helping others or hurting them? Are you following God or following man? Are you receiving Christ or something else? What happens when you don't agree? What do you do when someone in your group is hurting? Is God getting glory in any of it?

LaShanda Michelle is a best-selling novelist, a playwright, and an inspirational speaker. She has published several novels and short stories. All of her work has received favorable literary reviews. Before launching her writing career, LaShanda spent her younger years in Huntsville, Texas, where she was born and raised. After high school she studied journalism at Sam Houston State University before enlisting in the United States Air Force. She currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband, Vincent, and is working on her eighth novel.

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