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An encounter with her changed his future. An encounter with God changed him.

People don't set out to fail. Sometimes failure happens spectacularly with plenty of notorious attention. Other times, it comes quietly, almost with a sigh of relief. When my wife asked me for a divorce hours after my father's funeral, only the timing was a surprise. I believed the failure of my marriage from beginning to end, along with heartache it caused, especially to my father, was unredeemable.

I was wrong.

My father was one of the finest men I ever knew. He left me a great example and a cherished legacy, one I couldn't run from, no matter how ashamed I was to face it.

Every step I took brought more trouble, though. In those months after my father died, my uncle Nolan helped me discover I needed to make peace with a lot more than Phil Shannon's memory. So I did what any prodigal would do.

I decided to go home.

Deciding to go is one thing. Getting there is another matter.

A few words from EMBRACED author PAULA WISEMAN:

Let me ask … • Have you ever wished you could have one more conversation with someone you lost? • Felt like you disappointed the people who matter most and you’re not sure if you can ever undo it? • Suspected you’d blown your chance for God’s blessing? • Thought maybe you were on the wrong path? Michael Shannon wrestles with all those questions in EMBRACED, Book Two in the Encounters series. I enjoyed working with Michael. He has his mother’s genuineness, his father’s keen understanding of people and a sharp wit that almost certainly came from his granny. When you finish Michael's story, I hope you come away with a sense of encouragement that the mistakes we make aren't final, that God loves us, and He has not, will not abandon us.

Celebrating ten years as a writer, Paula Wiseman's bestselling Covenant of Trust series and Foundation series have won wide acclaim. Along with homeschooling her kids and working on new projects, Paula blogs on matters of life and faith at www.paulawiseman.com.

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