Eats with Sinners ReShare

Vertical Reach = 5
I loved the transparency and break down of the importance of a vibrant relationship with Christ as a foundation and basis for evangelism. The author lays out why and how it is important to have a thriving love of God's word, prayer life and posture of worship as part of a body of believers commissioned to "go ye and make disciples"

Ministry Message = 5
The ministry message is to invest time and share something as simple, effective and nonsexually intimate as a meal with people as a way of "friendship evangelism." Instead of tracks and an invitation to church, be the "church" and spend time with those seeking to know the God you glorify with your life each day at work, school and other recreational settings. 

Craft = 5
Chambers offers an easy conversational "manual/workbook" that delivers what it sets out to do in helping the everyday disciple of Christ build relationships with those around them. The exercises are simple and  effective. Stories and examples are entertaining and understandable. A great overall book about going beyond knocking doors and handing out pamphlets. 

Aesthetics = 4
The cover is vibrant and it matches the tone of the book but does contain just a bit too much white space. Other than that it is inviting, simple and effective matching its contents. 

Dollar$ & Sense = 4.75

This book in my personal opinion should be read by EVERY believer who is ready to begin sharing the gospel with those around them or who has lost their passion for sharing Christ with those around them. It impressed and impacted me so much I shared it with my pastor. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  
Originally Published 2011

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