Blondeva's Boys

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In the fictitious small town of Nona, Alabama, Blondeva Turner is known for three things: her bluntness, her baking, and her boys. Alongside her husband, she raised four sons, but her baby has always been her heart.

Unlike his successful siblings, Isaac failed in college, failed in marriage, and failed to answer God’s call on his life. Twenty-five years ago, he moved from Nona to escape the constant reminders of his many mistakes, including the one that sent the woman he loved into the arms of another man.

Isaac left home with no intent to return, but Blondeva’s prayers (and ploys) have lured him back to the hometown of his heartbreak. He’s come to renovate his parents’ home, but Isaac is the one who’s in for a total makeover—heart, mind, and soul. But before the victory, comes the fight. And the devil messed with the wrong one when he chose one of Blondeva’s Boys.

A few words from Blondeva's Boys author Kendra Norman.

Everyone who takes this story to heart will gain a greater understanding of the power of forgiveness; not just forgiving others, but forgiving themselves. "Blondeva's Boys" is a family drama, and it covers everything from racism to guilt and shame to family secrets and love lost and love found. Most of the underlying issues that the key family in this book is dealing with have lingered unnecessarily for years because of the lack of forgiveness and the lack of communication. Those who read this story should walk away with a better understanding of how important it is for family members to talk--not just to God--when they have problems, but also to talk to each other. Ignoring an infection in our family ties don't make them go away; instead it allows it to spread and do more damage. And running away from problems is no solution either, which is a huge lesson between the pages of "Blondeva's Boys."

Kendra Norman Holmes (writing as Kendra Norman) is the 8-time national bestselling author of 20 Christian fiction novels and 2 nonfiction/ministry books. She is the founder of Royalty Publications, the visionary of P.O.W.E.R. (Prayer-Oriented Wives Exemplifying Royalty), the creator and host of Royal Pen Network radio show, and the pastor (alongside her husband, Michael) of Deliverance Revival Church. Kendra and her husband are currently working on a faith-based relationship devotional that is slated for release October 2017.

Connect with Kendra Norman on her website and be sure to catch her weekly radio show on Wednesdays 7PM on Joynet Radio.

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