Amy Inspired 40 Faithful Days reShare

Vertical Reach = 3
Amy believes in God and expresses the importance of his existence in her life but does nothing more to reveal how she relates to him beyond attendance at a local church.

Ministry Message =3
There is not a true defined ministry message in the book. There are great philosophical questions about chasing dreams and following ones heart but the romance is bigger than any concrete spiritual takeaway.

Craft = 4
Though a bit wordy and rooted in a style reminiscent of the classic literary romances Pierce has a solid grasp on the ability to tell a story. Her dialogue is smooth and fluid, her description crisp, vivid and picturesque. Her characters are fleshed out well enough to picture them in the world she creates in this story.

Aesthetic = 2
So I get the leaves but I don't get them and well honestly the cover puts me in the mind of historical fiction instead of a post graduate romance with Christian elements. More than romantic it comes across as wistful and very autumn themed.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3
Readers who love an old fashioned love story sprinkled with modern trappings and academia will enjoy this read. I'm not sure how well it would fare for more contemporary waxes almost a bit too romantic.

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