Faithful Folios 3.0 The Relaunch

Christian Fiction has changed since the last book review and final show of Faithful Folios TV back in 2010 before everyone could create online television shows LIVE! Family Christian Store and Tate are closed. Publishers are reducing their catalogs and you're "blessed" if they keep you on the roster.

One industry leader predicts no more Christian fiction for most traditionally published companies... I've heard authors say readers want more "gritty" life mirrored books than those originally allowed by the ECPA publishing regulations (no kissing, no profanity, no premarital sex).

Faithful Folios started off as a space to review books which were mostly by traditionally published imprints because most independent authors couldn't afford to share review copies. Our mission has changed from "talking good books online" via a LIVE web television show to "sharing good books online."

Faithful Folios 3.0 launches this week starting Wednesday, March 1st.

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