Marriage Carol Review

Vertical Reach = 1
There was a lot of talk about the need to go to church but not a lot about the Lord in this story. The characters and viewpoints were not very reflective or open about their relationships with God because they were virtually nonexistent. 

Ministry Message = 3
Forgiveness, stay married and the grass is not greener were the messages of this story. They were expressed in a metaphoric, wistful very cotton candy popcorn way. 

Craft = 5
The book and story itself are very well written. Despite a predictable storyline it was written with enough imagery and description and enjoyable dialogue for me to keep reading. The small size of the story also made it easy to finish despite it's predictability.

Aesthetics = 3
Beautiful imagery and fitting and appropriate for the title. 

Dollar$ & $ense = 3
While a bit boring the story is well written and may inspire someone frustrated in their marriage due to non life threatening or abusive issues. I wouldn't have ever picked this story up on my own because I'm not big on Christmas or squeaky clean Christian fiction. 

I received this book at ICRS from the publisher's booth for free. 

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