Review for Dan Walsh The ReUnion Christian Fiction Novel

Vertical Reach = 4
There was very believable interaction between the characters about how they felt about God. Would have been a five if there had been more transparency or insight into the prayers of the characters. 

Ministry Message = 5
Clear message about hope, forgiveness and appreciation for the everyday heroes in our lives. 

Craft = 4
The beginning was a slow but not horrible because it offered great character development. In addition to very believable dialogue the story offered amazing characters. Once the story did pick up the momentum kept up through to a tear jerking end with varying emotional moments. 

Aesthetics =4
This has to be the prettiest trailer I've ever seen. It looks like it could be one of the ones instrumental to the story's ministry message. 

Dollar$ & $ense = 4.25
A great read for people who love a solid story with elements of everything from battle to romance. May not satisfy some of the more urban or dramatic readers but southern fiction lovers and emotional story readers will love it. 

I enjoyed a non gratis copy of this book provided by the publisher for a review. 

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