Review for COOL BEANS A MAYA DAVIS novel

Vertical Reach = 5

Maya Davis is honest, sincere and vulnerable about her relationship with God and it's shaky spots. The most endearing part of her character is how much she wants to stay in constant communication with him even when she can't. 

Ministry Message = 4
The best message of this book is be honest. It is clear, concise and honors written in a way that makes it easy for readers to see the consequences of what happens when the character isn't honest. 

Craft = 4
Characters in this book are fleshed out well and "relatable." I could hear many of the feather and furry secondary characters. I loved the banter and interplay between Maya and her best friend. Description and setting were also executed well. 

Aesthetics = 3.5
Cute cover that matches the description of the woman in the book. 

Dollar$ & $ense = 4.125
A great read for anyone who enjoys cute, classic Christian romance with believable characters. 

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