Vertical Reach = 5
Cece and Nate are written with a window into their personal and corporate relationships with God. They are honest and grow in their area of internal conflict as they reach more and stretch more in their relationship with God. 

Ministry Message = 5
Forgivenss and mercy are important to give to others and oneself in order to move on and live the best life possible. It is also reinforced in the lives of the Marvin and Shay. 

Craft = 4
Benson is a seasoned author and it shows in the novel. She has well rounded characters, interesting plot activity and easy to follow dialogue. Setting and description are placed and tension paced well into the book. 

Aesthetics = 3
I didn't like the cover. It just didn't grab me. If it weren't a Benson book I wouldn't have given it a second look. 

Dollar$ & $ense = 4.25
African American Christian fiction readers will love this book. Any reader who loves Christian fiction will love this story. 

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