Priced to Move Book One Shop Til U Drop Series Review

Checked this out as a free read on Kindle. It is still free as of the writing of this review but the price could change at any time. I did not receive a request nor compensation for this review it is a part of how I give back to the Christian literary scene as an reader (and author).

Vertical Reach = 4 
Andrea is a gemologist with a transparent relationship with God. Her description of their relationship is simple and sincere. I enjoyed her honesty and the quirky way her aunt and adopted aunt shared their viewpoints on faith. 

Ministry Message = 3
I wasn't really sure what the "spiritual takeaway" was supposed to be if there was just one in mind for the author when she penned the story. There were some moments where the main character's trust in God was tested and tried but I don't know that it was the main ministry message the author intended. 

Craft = 4
Ginny Aiken offered an entertaining read with quirky characters and a hot guy. In Christian romance this is a great formula for a good, enjoyable read. Her knowledge and research into Andrea's obscure profession was a neat part of the story line that was appropriate and intriguing. 

Aesthetics = 3.5
While it looks professional and the woman is pretty on the cover it doesn't convey the fun, quirky tone of the story. While reading I also didn't imagine the woman on the cover as Andrea. It was not memorable once I entered the book I didn't think about it again. 

Dollars & $ense = 3.625 
This is a cute fun read for Christians and clean romance lovers. I enjoyed it while doing my cardio on the elliptical machine and it held my attention so I recommend it especially while it is free. 

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