2nd Five Review of 2011 Snitch by Booker Mattison

Vertical Reach = 5
Andre Bolden is forced to reach out to the God he has heard about but never really given a real chance. The emotions, prayers and search for God by the main character is exceptional. 

Ministry Message = 5
There is no shortage of street codes for making life worth living in the hood. One of them that has needed to be "shot down" (pun intended) is the no snitch rule that has cost the lives of countless men and women over the years. This story brings a relevant look at the value of the life taken and the lives in danger when fear silences justice.

Craft = 5
Mattison is the screen writer I hope to be when I grow up and the novelist I love to read. His ability to spin a tale and paint a picture is exemplary. From dialogue to drawing the reader in emotionally this story offers readers and authors alike something spectacular to read. 

Aesthetics = 5
What I have always loved about Revell books I still love. The graphic team is given great detail about important scenes in the book then able to recreate them in a way that makes a reader want to click purchase on the ebook or their debit card pin for the paperback. Revell is still my favorite cover design team in traditional publishing. 

Dollar$ & $ense = 5
If you have the ability to read and enjoy fiction you should read this book. Period. 

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