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Vertical Reach = 4
Athena reveals and approaches her relationship with God and all of the things that entails with an open heart. Throughout the book she calls on him, talks to him and thinks about how her actions impact how she relates to him. 

Ministry Message = 4
Even the best made plans should include wiggle room for the plan God has plotted for our lives. 

Craft = 4.5
Thompson has the background, experience and flair to bring this ragtag bunch of people together. The different eras, motivations and backgrounds are the perfect mix for something to keep readers engage. Conflict is key! 

Aesthetics = 4
Cute dog that fits description to the letter. Each detail that shown does give assistance to the reader but not so much it takes away the reader to let their imagination shine. 

Dollar$ & $ense =4.375
If you love romance, comedy or love any inkling or combination of the two. This will be a great read for you! 

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