Cherished Book Review

Vertical Reach = 4
There is not one character in this book that does not show they are reaching up towards this God. There is clear communication between God and the main characters and sub characters in the story.

Ministry Message = 5
You're forgiven. No matter what you've done or experienced in life because of the choices you've made, God loves you and you're forgiven.

Craft = 4
Tate spins a wonderful tell and her best ability is sweeping and engulfing setting. The picture she paints of the world the characters occupy draws the reader into the story. Strong characters and pacing. The plot is predictable for the most part but still engaging.

Aesthetics = 3
If I were to see this cover in a store I wouldn't even think twice about it again. To be honest my reading schedule was interrupted by a personal crisis and I missed the email it was in because the cover was just not spectacular. Something more involved with the lives of the characters maybe or ... I don't know just not this. It is clear and the colors are pretty which is why it received a 3.

Dollar$ & $ense = 4
This would be a great read for book clubs and romance lovers alike. For readers that don't enjoy a strong scripture presence or message base it will not be a good fit. Churches, women's groups and ministries will love it.

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