His Desire is For Me

His Desire is For Me Review

Vertical Reach = 5
You cannot complete a chapter in this book without being inspired, and shown the correlation between what happens in the depiction of the story of Solomon loving the Shulamite and each believer's relationship with God.

Ministry Message = 5
God's desire is for you. More than anything else He wants each person on earth to know His love for them and desires our love in return.

Craft = 5
When I heard Mr. Emery talk about combining fiction, commentary and devotional together I wasn't sure what to expect. When I finally read His Desire is For Me it was a seamless experience. The story beautifully written and lives of the people fleshed out. The commentary written in an unobtrusive gentle manner that whispered of love and intimacy with God. Each prayer and devotion inviting and scripturally sound.

Aesthetics = 5
Warm, soothing and inviting are words that I thought when I first looked at the book. The interior layout is professional and organized.

Dollar$ & $ense = 5
I think every believer should pick up or download a copy of this book as available. Especially believers who've experienced hurt and abuse of spiritual authority. It will help you return to your first love and forgive those who hurt you (speaking from experience). It is a great find. I'm so glad I read it. You will be as well.

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