Steppin into the Good Life by @TiaMcCollors Review

Read this book after receiving notification from the author's Facebook Page that the publisher had it at no cost. Here is the review.

Vertical Reach = 3
This book was clearly a redemption and new convert book but there is not a lot of transparency into the conversation between Sheila and God once she confesses him as Lord. There is recognition that God exists because of the change we see happen in Sheila but I would have liked to see some of her prayers and some of God's responses to her prayers.

Ministry Message = 3.5
There were a lot of mini messages that supported the over encompassing that more important than looking like you're living the good life is having a good relationship with God then your "steppin into the good life" for real.

Craft =4
Some stories are carried by the pace and plot and others by the characters. This novel has strong relatable characters. The settings and description pull you in and participate as part of the story as well. The combination of the two pulls you into the novel's world.

Aesthetics = 3.5

I like the cover but after reading about high end shoes and ultra designer clothes I expected more than then two inch church girl pumps. Despite that minor detail overall the cover was laid out nice albeit a bit more downplayed than what you would expect from Sheila.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.5
This is an enjoyable read and the characters pull you in to the story and wanting to know more about what would happen to them. If you are a McCollors reader you'll enjoy this as another solid offering from her bookshelf. If you enjoy women's fiction and contemporary settings you'll feel it is worth the price. 

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