ICRS 2011 Authors Scheduled for Interview this Week

Pat Williams and his wife, Ruth, are the parents of 19 children, including 14 adopted from four nations, ranging in age from 23 to 36. Pat teaches an adult Sunday school class at First Baptist Church of Orlando. He has written over fifty five books. We'll be discussing The Leadership Wisdom of Solomon that applies King Solomon’s ancient insights to the high-speed world in which we live.
Stephanie Perry Moore the author of over twenty books ranging from juvenile to adult Christian fiction. The Morgan Love Series is a chapter book series written for girls, 7 – 9 years old.  The series provides moral lessons that will aid in character development.  It will also help young girls develop their vocabulary, English and math skills as they read through the stories and complete the entertaining and educational exercises provided at the end of each chapter and in the back of the book.

An experienced wife with great advice for the first year of marriage, Brenda Garrison’s third book, He’s Not a Mind Reader and other Brilliant Insights for Fabulous First Year of Marriage , continues her ministry theme of  empowering women with the confidence to live their calling as wives and mothers.

Radical Revolution, Lynn’s book draws on the principles of this program. A new author, her book for teenage girls called His Revolutionary Love, Jesus' Radical Pursuit of You, shows she totally "gets" girls and how they want to be loved, and challenges them to find true love in a growing relationship with Christ.

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