Deep River Authors Scheduled for ICRS 2011

Blending fiction, commentary, and 30-days of devotions, His Desire Is for Me gives you bite-sized portions of the Song of Songs to feast upon. Unlike other commentaries, author Bob Emery expands it as a daily devotional so that, along with prayer and meditation, you will delight in its spiritual content. This exceptional combination of story, study, and prayer sets the table for you, in your quiet times, to have your own personal encounters with God.

His Desire Is for Me reveals the different stages a believer goes through on the road to spiritual maturity, as his or her love for the Lord grows from an initial love, to an increasing love, and finally unfolds into a mature love. This book helps you understand how our Heavenly King woos us, wins us, and draws us to Himself. 
Today’s challenges are like never before, women are attacked physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with their health, schedules, jobs, words, actions, and relationships. Valerie Ellery is challenging women everywhere to wake up the warrior within them and to get dressed to live victorious lives! Equipped properly, these women will learn to stand up and overcome these attacks. By becoming a 'Warrior Woman' and learning that “know means no,” Ellery teaches that you must KNOW how to have your armor shine with radiance so that there is NO way to become rusty, weak, or defeated!
Richard H. Ehrman lavished his daughters with money, gifts, and unlimited freedom. But when it came to loving them, he didn't know how. Already headlong in a loveless marriage, his enabling began a chain of events that led his family to the brink of disaster. As his girls became heavily addicted to drugs, (heroin and methamphetamine), Ehrman watched from the sidelines, indifferent, as their misguided attempts to connect deteriorated into mental illness. It wasn't until his daughters were on the verge of ruin and death that Ehrman found the courage to call upon God, the Father he'd never met. Through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, he found not only the answer to his prayer, but a hidden strength he never knew existed.

A warm and endearing, yet heart-wrenching memoir. The Place of Belonging, is about a child of a single mother in Big Sky Montana that is beautifully and simply told. It is an unforgettable step back in time, a fresh understanding of loss and belonging. Reading like prose, this elegantly written and emotionally satisfying story is told from the eyes of a child of the 1940’s.

Anyone who has ever tried to fit in and belong will understand both mother and child in this narrative. . . and will see that separation and loss can sometimes be the very encounters that will ultimately bring wholeness.

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