Review of Handle with Prayer by Dr. Charles @intouch_Stanley

Handle with Prayer: Unwrap the Source of God's Strength for LivingHardcover

Vertical Reach = 4
Dr. Charles Stanley shares examples of times he spent with God in prayer and fasting throughout the book to support his ideologies and interpretations how God responds to and answers prayers.

Ministry Message =5
Handle life with prayer.

Craft = 3.75
The stories and examples of are rich with emotion and evoke great hope in the reader. The tone while instructional comes off with the slightest hint of finality which reads almost formulaic. Were it not for several rigid parameters based on interpretation of principle there may have been a more inviting tone and higher rating to match the warm packaging and cover copy.

Aesthetics = 4
Packaging is warm and inviting. The colors, subtext and imagery put you in the mind of receiving a gift.

Dollar$ & $ense = 4.1875
There are amazing nuggets and a wealth of knowledge presented by an anointed teacher and student of the bible in this prayer guide. For those looking to learn more about the basic principles of the bible this book with guidance from the Holy Spirit (the ultimate teacher) to what God holds for the reader is be a great book.

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