Introducing Faithful Folios 3 x 5 Read it or Delete it Views

As I continue to feed my thirst and hunger for words as an author and reviewer I find my time being stretched and an inability to cart around paperback or hardback books. That being said I have literally ONE paperback book still needing a review and I will be going strictly digitally as of the end of May. In addition to this new ebook only format I will be supporting the indie authors on nook and kindle and purchasing .99 -2.99 ebooks and perusing them as well as free downloads from traditional and small presses for the 3x5 Read It or Delete it Teasers. What are those? So glad you asked.

With the outline for one five book series finished, general theme and schematics for a second five book series, two nonfiction books in development and a poetry book brewing in my mind I'm only going to review the books that pass the 3x5 teaser test. I will read the first five pages, middle five "pages" and last five pages of an ebook. If what I read in each of those five pulls me in to want to know what happens a full read will ensue and a review will be posted. If not I will post why I didn't feel a pull to read the story or nonfiction book.

Books will be dowloaded from Kindle, Nook and I will sample books on Netgalley as well. Thank you to the faithful (no pun intended, ok a little) Faithful Folio blog readers and show viewers. The show is slated to return this coming Wednesday I'll be interviewing author of Bored with God and online teen counseling ministry founder Sean Dunn. Stay tuned. Faithful Folios is changing moving full steam ahead with it's purpose and mission to talk about good books online and we're doing it digitally. Soon all I'll need are my nook and kindle with me! So excited. 

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