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Coach Wooden: The 7 Principles That Shaped His Life and Will Change Yours hardcover Coach Woodenkindle

Vertical Reach =3
This book speaks about God in a third person narrative. You know that the author is writing about a man who believed in God but there are not many intimate ways that the author or Coach Wooden's personal relationship with God is shown.  The actions and life of the coach do show a person with spiritual fruit indicative of someone who shared an intimate relationship with God.

Ministry Message = 5
Live the seven principles that shaped the life of Coach Wooden and it will change your life. Living the life that Coach Wooden lived after having a father that lived it before him will prove to make this one of the most influential books you've read.

Craft= 4
Pat Willams is a career author and speaker who provides great insight into his decision to be a disciple of Coach Wooden. The interviews, stories and insights make it an easy read. The organization and flow give it a digestible format that is welcome and understood by readers who have never liked sports. The analogies and inclusion of key statistics and pivotal players in the history of college and professional basketball make it interesting for sports fans who don't like to read.

Aesthetics = 4
Simple, and reminiscent of an NBA sports poster or flyer. This is great because it will draw the attention of the average male reader.

Dollar$ & $ense = 4
If you have a basketball lover in your life who admired Coach Wooden this book is a great read and at an affordable price for a hardcover book from Revell I'd recommend it to several audiences: basketball coaches and players who want to win at life and games, Christian sport associations and Christians who learn how to be better Christians from the lives of other Christians.

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