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Money and Marriage: A Complete Guide for Engaged and Newly Married Couples paperback

Vertical Reach = 3
There are scripture references at the beginning of each chapter and Mr. Bell refers to a major financial loss that points to his committing his life to Christ. Outside of these two details most of the reference to God is in regards to tithing and why a person should do it.

Ministry Message = 3
In addition to utilizing several psychology based theorems and traditional proverbs about staying out of debt Money & Marriage doesn't really offer a lot of new information. It is packaged in a way that many who find talking about money with their spouses intimidating or for facilitators leading classes and workshops will appreciate. Overall the book offers basic traditional conservative Christian WASP beliefs about money and marriage.

Bell has an easy conversational tone to how he gets his point across. He offers logical and precise information on many subjects with the most important being talking to your spouse regarding their spending habits and net worth. His information will ring similar in many ways to Dave Ramsey and Robery Kiyosaki for any Christian financial reader who has followed finances from a faith based vantage point. Overall he delivers his message and suggestions in a concise tone and fashion.

Aesthetics = 3
It's a minimalist cover with a bit of fanciful fun to draw female readers. It is one of the best unisex nonfiction covers for subject matter I've seen for a while. Internal layout is good for the most part although some of the worksheets do leave much to be desired in terms of writing space.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.25
The average newlywed and or engaged coupled that is looking for information about getting Money & Marriage will find a good deal of overall encompassing information in this book. If the reader has never read Kiyosaki or Ramsey and wants help with coming into one accord financially this book may be a good staple in their library.

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