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Bathsheba: A Novel (The Wives of King David)paperback Bathshebakindle version

Vertical Reach = 5
This woman, Bathseba, knows how to beseech the Lord and is in tune with the way her culture has taught men and women how to relate to Him. At each turn where it is appropriate Bathsheba takes the time to petition Adonai. I love the way we are shown her and King David's relationship with God instead of simply told about it. I admire the way it is done as an expected and unobtrusive part of the story.

Ministry Message = 4
The message for this story was more about sharing the biblical story with respect to the times, culture and beauty of Israel that this time period brings. It brought the scriptures referenced and these people who lived thousands of years ago to life.

Craft = 4
Jill Eileen Smith is a keen. The characters are well fleshed out. Scenery and inner dialogue are integral parts of the story that bring it to life.  Each plot point is delivered within a believable time frame and offers the reader a way to be there in the moment emotionally. Very well written novelization of a woman misunderstood and sometimes misrepresented in messages from the pulpit. Smith makes the woman some felt was partly to blame to readers in a way that causes them to not only understand her pain but root from her from beginning to end.

Aesthetics = 4
Revell covers are detailed and easy to believe. The artists take the time to know the characters and story they depict within. If they aren't reading the full manuscript for creation they are very acquainted with the synopsis. Beautiful deptiction of Bathseba's beauty.

Dollar$ & $ense =4.25

If you love historical fiction and or biblical novelizations or just well written work you will enjoy this book. The book and word lover will consider it a delicacy they will savor as a literary treat. This is from a woman who does not normally enjoy or reader either genre's. This is a great read.

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