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Blown Away (Hometown Mysteries) paperback Blown Awaykindle

Vertical Reach = 3
Hilde Higgins lives her relationship with God in front of others but there is not a lot shown about how she relates to Him outside of attending service. Her beau is also an implied Christian but I would have liked to see more shown than told about their relationship with Christ, especially with the stressful of the story.

Ministry Message = 4
Trust God and forgive those who hurt you so you can live life fully. Don't hold the past against those in your present.

Craft = 3
The characters were fleshed out really well. The story has a few plot hiccups that are left unresolved but not so much you are unable to enjoy the story. The pace is well done. It is mystery and romance built to form the romance better than the mystery. I solved the mystery early on but still enjoyed the journey.

Aesthetics = 3
The cover is playful and pretty but I didn't understand the connection to the title. I kept expecting someone to be blown up. If I saw it in a store and were looking for a children's book I'd consider based on the cover. If I were choosing based on the story synopsis I'd pick it up. While nice to look at I don't see where the story and cover connect well.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.25
If you're a traditional romance reader and love a little mysterious twist this will be a great book for you. I'm not sure how well it would fare in a group setting but it is a fun read. 

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