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Vertical Reach = 3
While I know that Katie is a born again believer she does not show how she relates to God in the present. There is the mention of attending church and sage wisdom passed down from her mam but she doesn't show any of it despite several pivotal moments when a direct connect to God would have been a great additive to the story line. 

Ministry Message = 3
Don't let past mistakes dictate all of your future decisions. Learn from the past and let it go. Listen and give people a chance to explain then make your decisions. 

Craft = 4
Billerback has written so many novels it really isn't easy to keep count. While the characters were well developed for the most part and the romance formula well executed it was a bit predictable and a bit drawn out in some spots. Despite these minor setbacks the story still sings (if you read the book you'll get my pun here.) The best part of this story is the scenery and supporting characters really bring this story to life in Billerbeck's quirky signature way. 

Aesthetics =3
I would have loved this cover a whole lot more if Katie's hair was actually red and I could see the emerald distinct eyes mentioned so frequently in the book. I have to give Thomas Nelson kudos for the added detail of stubble to the beau...these are small details that go overlooked sometimes.  Well done, TN graphic design team.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.25
Katie and Luc offer the traditional Christian romance story with all the trappings. Despite a few rough spots any fans of Billerbeck and Christian Romance will enjoy this story. 


  1. I love your rating system! How did you come up with that idea. new follower.

  2. I wanted to give a more comprehensive look at the books pertaining to the spiritual takeaway because readers look for and enjoy different parts for different reasons.


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