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Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food paperback

Vertical Reach = 4
Terkeurst is very open and honest about how she talks to God about her inability to stop or curb her desire to rely on food instead of on God. She shares her belief that reliance on food instead of God is the crux of her being overweight.

Ministry Message = 3
We are beings made to crave God but become overweight because we allow our cravings for other things to fill the place in our lives that God is supposed to fill.

Craft = 4
Terkeurst offers a hybrid conversational invitational style weight loss and gain God manual. There are several narratives and interactive areas written with a solid persuasive tone. The relational girlfriend tone of the book overall shows good use of persuasive and instruction which are important in nonfiction Christian living books.

Aesthetics = 3
The picture is cute and the colors are pretty but as it relates to the subject topic ...I just don't get it. The internal layout makes it easy to follow and zone in on areas that may be referenced once the initial reading is completed for someone who believes that they share the same reason for being overweight as Terkeurst.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.5
This book will be a great resource for women who share the belief that they are overweight due to the same reasons that Terkeurst is overweight. For people who are not attempting to use food to supply their spiritual needs it will not prove as relevant.

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