Love & War Devotional for Couples #books #reviews

Love and War Devotional for Couples: The Eight-Week Adventure That Will Help You Find the Marriage You Always Dreamed Of hardcover

Vertical Reach = 4
Each devotional offers succinct honest insight into marriage and what God shares about the importance of marriage in His word. In addition to these insights are relevant scriptures, encouragement for the reader and a prayer.

Ministry Message = 4
Marriage is hard and seems impossible but with God nothing is impossible. Marriage is a mixture of love and war but love will win.

Craft = 4
The Eldredge's voice is honest, intimate and engaging. Each chapter builds upon the last and carries the reader further in their engagement of the subject matter.

Aesthetics = 3.5
Devotional readers will be drawn by the traditional set and design of the cover. The internal layout is simple and easy to follow.

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