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Health Care You Can Live With: Discover Wholeness in Body and Spirit

Vertical Reach =4
Dr. Scott Morris shares his experience and his passion for ministry of healing and God's desire for the Body of Christ to reclaim the ministry of healing in prevention as well as laying on of hands and treatment. He shows scriptural basis for the call to the Body of Christ to take action in reclaiming our responsibility to provide health care as a charge to the Body of Christ.

Ministry Message = 4
We must look beyond the temporal and western civilization and political rhetoric that drives health care reform from BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES. As the Body of Christ we must take responsibility for the ministering health in every aspect body, mind, soul and spirit as well as prevention and wellness.

Craft = 4
Dr. Morris has a loving tone and wise style that comes with a covering of honesty. The narratives are engaging and expressive. Without being preachy he lays out biblical structure to support his stand for Christian provided healthcare reformed and ran by Christ.

Aesthetics = 4
The title and cover will be a definite draw to the target market. Colors are crisp and bold.  I may not have clicked it if I saw it on a website but I would have picked it up if I saw it in a bookstore...and been in for a pleasant surprise.

(I was so pleasantly surprised by this book that I also did a post on my official website.)

Dollar$ & $ense = 4
Real talk if I could I would email each and every person who is called to lead a ministry or church and suggest they read this book. It touches on the main and biblical call to action the Body of Christ has been given in the area of health and wellness.

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