God, I'm Ready to Walk in Faith #book #review

God, I'm Ready to Walk in Faith: Put on Your Shoes, Step Out, and Get Ready to Win! paperback God, I'm Ready to Walk in Faith kindle

Vertical Reach = 3.5
Wells tells different scriptures, prayers and hymns she grew to love and incorporate into her personal walk with God. She also shares several prayers with the reader and nuggets of her own daily prayers and petitions to the Lord.

Ministry Message = 3.5
Put on your traveling shoes and walk in faith. When your life is focused on God you can win.

Craft =3.5
Wells offers an above average book of encouragement written with a mix of narrative, introspection and instruction. The writing is solid and easy to understand.

Aesthetics = 3.5
Readers of Thelma Wells work and shoe lovers will adore this cover and be drawn to the book. The internal layout makes knowing what is happening in each of sections easy.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.5
Readers looking for grandmother wit and encouragement based on the contemporary faith teaching will be happy with this book. It is a hug on paper!

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