Joy Comes in the Morning #urban #Christian fiction #book review

Joy Comes In The Morning

Vertical Reach =4
Alex Carter and her fiance are both very transparent and believable in how they relate to God throughout the story.

Ministry Message =5
Shame and secrecy can keep you imprisoned in the darkness like the night but the freedom in truth brings the light like and joy.

Craft =4
The plot and storyline were compelling but sometimes the most powerful emotion the Alex evoked from me was annoyance. I was more interested in seeing how things turned around for her sister by the end of the book than I was for her. Overall it is a good read albeit with an irritating protagonist at times.

Aesthetics = 2
While pretty and spiritual I don't understand what the cover has to do with the story. They are not Catholic and very little of the story happened in the actual church. Just saying, I wasn't feeling it.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.75
The theme of the story is enjoyable and the cast of characters are diverse enough to keep you engaged even if one of them is rather annoying. Overall a good pick for Ashea Goldson, urban Christian and romance readers.

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