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I Shall Not Die: Living A Psalm 118:17 Existencekindle   I Shall Not Die: Living A Psalm 118:17 Existenceprint

Vertical Reach =4
Despite circumstances and a hard situation in each instance Kendra Norman-Bellamy turned back to her belief in God and relied on her relationship with Him to carry her through the hard times. She refers to her prayer life and relays several moments where she speak directly to the Lord and responds to Him presence in her life.

Ministry Message =5
It is simple, it is true and it is poignant. I Shall Not Die paints the picture of not only a man but a woman who goes through what some have considered hell and back and came out more in love with Christ. In the face of adversity, frustration and unexpected loss she comes to find a greater depth of belief in God and love for Christ. So touching and powerful at times, I cried.

Craft = 4
Kendra Norman Bellamy is an author I've dubbed the Prince of Christian fiction due to having more than fifteen books published. Her ability to paint a picture of what she went through pulls you into some of the best and hardest times of her life with her first husband. It is  memoir written and paced to keep you interested like a novel.

Aesthetics = 4
The cover matches the theme and message of the book. The colors are bold and complement each other while hinting at the story to be told.

Dollar$ & $ense = 4.25
If you're looking for a word of encouragement in times of adversary you will find them in I Shall Not Die.

This book was purchased and reviewed at the request of the author via Facebook.

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