A Rush of Wings #bookreview

Rush of Wings, A: A Novel

Vertical Reach = 5
Noelle St. Claire is as set in her decision not to interact with God (if there really is one) as Rick Spencer is to never be without him...even when his heart is broken. Rick is raw and honest in how he relates to the Lord throughout the story even when it doesn't seem like it. Very masterfully done.

Ministry Message = 4
God and God alone can fully heal a broken heart. His love never fails and is perfect enough to cast out fear

Craft = 4
This is the classic romance formula from front to back. There are two pursuers after the protagonist God and Rick Spencer and the chase from both is written quite well. The pace and plot are good though a bit sluggish in a few spots. The characters are real and dialogue carries weight and authenticity. I learned a lot about craft from this book alone.

Aesthetics =3
Give the nature of the story and the tone of the book the cover matches well. More detail and edge would have made it better. Overall a solid representation.

Dollars$ & $ense = 4
An emotional and gripping tale of love, forgiveness, and healing threaded with romance, tension and more love. It would be an instant favorite for those who love a bit of drama and suspense wrapped in with a flawed heroine.

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