Life in the Zone

Living Life in the Zone: A 40-Day Spiritual Gameplan for Men

Vertical Reach = 3.5
Dr. Joe Pettigrew and Kyle Rote Jr. draw out the importance of a relationship with God and give an example of a man dependent on God in each devotional. What they don't provide is detailed transparency about their personal worship and prayer time with God.

Ministry Message = 4
To live life in the zone one must have an authentic and active relationship with Christ. Daily time with God in prayer and His word are integral to making this happen.

Craft = 4
Great exposition. Spot on use of sport history in a conversational tone. Engaging narrative about athletic examples.

Aesthetics = 4
Eye catching cover with bold sporty colors which is very topic appropriate. Appeasing content layout good for easy reading and relevance.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.875
This book would make a great gift affordable gift for the sport and God loving or curious man in any and every woman's life. The cover is nondiscriminate and the material is broken down into the language and categorical thinking patterns most men will find beneficial. Any church or men's ministry would find a 40 day journey with this sport themed devotional a victory for the cause of Christ!

Due to it's being an older release it is being sold for $5.69 on amazon right now. I'm not compensated for these reviews, I just know an  good buy when I see one! I love talking about AFFORDABLE good books online.

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