Last Temptation

Last Temptation

Vertical Reach = 3

Peaches Miller learns to lean and rely on God through several spiritual expressions we are told about. I would have enjoyed seeing more of the detail about how she came to rely on Him again.

Ministry Message =4
Trusting God and relying on His guidance is best and key would be the overall message I received as a result of seeing what not to do when faced with important decisions about what to do next in life. There are several other lessons but I'd be hard pressed to make a clear distinction as to what they are.

Craft = 3

Stimpson's characters are a bit quirky and with a few of them centimeters shy of caricaturization. Outside of her son they all seem to be fitting nicely into a preconceived box. The plot did include a few twists and turns I wasn't expecting. I was glad to see LaShondra but remembered liking her more in her novel.

Aesthetics = 3
The cover is done beautifully and shows the confusion of the main character very well. The layout and typesetting are done in a nondistracting way.

Dollar$ & $ense =  3.25
The overall story is done well enough to hold the attention of the traditional romance reader. If you are a Michelle Stimpson fan you will enjoy this novel as it is written like most of her more recent novels.

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