Hatteras Girl #bookreview

Hatteras Girl

Vertical Reach = 3.5
There is talk of and about God but not much talk to God or scripture reading. A simple vague hint at His involvement and existence and a lot of pondering about His input into everything.

Ministry Message = 4
If you focus too much and too hard on what you want you may find God has changed your heart and the thing is not what you thought it would be. Focus on God if you want to focus on something that does not change.

Craft = 4
While very literary fictioneque and a bit long winded in parts the story is crafted well. One of the few romances that were done in a unique way...while still sticking to the formula. Good dialogue and emotionally engaging. Great story despite being a bit lengthy.

Aesthetics = 3
It was pretty but that is about it. For a story with as much depth as this one a shallow cover really didn't do it for me. In a store or on a website with other books similar to this I would not have looked twice.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.625
A touching love story sure to be a contemporary classic and great vacation read. Not sure it is action packed enough for every book club but would be great for a leisure discussion about slow glowing embers that burn over time into a flame of love.

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