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God Loves Single Moms: Practical Help for Finding Confidence, Strength, and Hope

Vertical Reach =3
Whitehurst makes a point to give readers a short point of prayer and scripture at the end of each chapter which will assist with encouraging the single mother reading the book to reach out to God. Transparency and examples of time when God manifested himself in her or other's lives as single parents would have made it better.

Ministry Message = 5
You don't have to do it alone, God cares all about you and will help you parent your children as a single mother.

Craft = 4
While there were a few hard transitions overall the prose flowed well and offered sound psychological and biblical advice. There is a conversational tone and clear voice of encouragement, edification and empathy written directly to single mothers.

Aesthetics =3.5
The internal layout is very user friendly and guides the reader through the interactive and reading material masterfully.While the cover is cute I believe a more multicultural presentation would have been better especially since this is a widespread problem across ethnicities. Nicely done but could have been more effective and if more global. Just a thought.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.875
Any single mother and some married mothers who feel like single mothers will benefit from this book. Single parent ministries and counselors may find it a useful addition to their resource catalog. Churches without it may use it as a reference tool in addition to a great devotional to help the woman's personal spiritual growth outside of parenting.

Available November 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

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