Christina Aguilera, Barbara Walters, Dwayne Johnson, Mandy Moore, and Jackie Evancho

Today's trendy reads are related to Dwayne Johnson, Mandy Moore, Jackie Evancho,  Barbara Walters and Christina Aguilera.

Mandy Moore stars as the voice of Rapunzel in the new release Tangle. It is being hailed as a spunky twist on an old fairy tale about a girl coming of age with so much hair it has a life of its own. I think a great read for the character Mandy Moore is playing would be His Princess Girl Talk with God by Sherri Rose Shepherd.
His Princess Girl Talk with God: Love Letters and Devotions for Young Women hardcover His Princess Girl Talk with God: Love Letters and Devotions for Young Womenkindle.

Barbara Walters sat down with President and First Lady Obama last week the special aired. Even though I didn't really enjoy it a good book related to this topic of discussion would be The Portable Patriot.
The Portable Patriot: Documents, Speeches, and Sermons That Compose the American Soul

Christina Aguilera portrays Alice "Ali" Rose in the newly released Burlusque she leaves a lucrative career as a waitress and seeks happiness and success as a singer in the show. Instead of looking to find happiness and purpose in singing and dancing I think Christina Aguilera's character Ali would do well to read Alicia Britt Chloe's Intimate Conversations: Devotions to Nurture a Woman's Soul.
Intimate Conversations: Devotions to Nurture a Woman's Soul

Dwayne Johnson plays an ex convict named Driver who is bent on revenge in his new release Faster. Well I think that one book Dwayne Johnson's character would do well to read is A Woman's Revenge. Despite the main characters being women they all have one common goal and if Driver (Dwayne Johnson) read this book first he would realize that revenge is a dish best served...NEVER. So I recommend A Woman's Revenge for Driver (Dwayne Johnson.)
A Woman's Revenge

Jackie Evancho America's sweetheart from America's Got Talent fame has released a Christmas CD. May I suggest two Christmas reads you can enjoy while listening to songs she has covered like O Holy Night and Silent Night. The Christmas Dog and Christmas at Harrington's will warm your heart and stir your soul as her new Christmas CD tickles your ears. Check out Beckah Shae's Emmanuel as well for great holiday music.
O Holy Night (CD/DVD)Christmas Dog, TheChristmas at Harrington'sEmmanuel

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