A Woman's Revenge

A Woman's Revenge
Vertical Reach = 3.75

Nadine Robinson, Sabrina Rogers and Tamera Watson all know or knew God in their own way before being confronted with life's fork in the road. Each of them at some point on their journey reach out for God's guidance or decide to ignore His warnings, correction or concern.

Ministry Message = 4
Vengeance is mind says the Lord and things workout best for you when You let Him take care of it and forgive those who hurt you.

Craft = 4
Warren, Lewis and McKnight offer three dimensional characters with entertaining stories. You find yourself torn between wanting the protagonists to do the right thing and not wanting the story to end.

Aesthetics = 3.5
The title and evil look on this woman's face coupled with the author's listed on the cover would make me click on this cover for more information.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.8125

I can hear R.Kelly's voice singing Ladadah~dah~dah~ladadah from his song "Fed Up aka When A Women's Fed Up" as I read parts and all of one of these shorts. Any reader with a penchant for drama and a desire for truth will enjoy these stories. It will be a great book club read, I'd just plan it for a sleepover or retreat because you'll have to find ways to stop the conversation from flowing. Ladadah~dah~dah~ladadah

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