Vertical Reach= 4

Samson, Hazel and Zachariah constantly pray and communication with God about what is happening in their lives.

Ministry Message = 3
One clear theme was not the objective as it is a modern day depiction of a biblical life. Two things that stuck out to me were 1) heed God's warning 2) when you do heed He is faithful to His promises to You.

Craft = 3.5
There were a few slow places but an overall strong read. Watching Samson grow as a person showed good character depth.

Aesthetics = 4
Beautiful cover that would peak my interest online or in a bookstore. I would wonder who the woman on the cover is as I read it because of the way it is written.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.625
Fans of Christian contemporary urban and African American christian fiction will enjoy this story. Those who have read and enjoyed Patricia Haley's modern day biblical tale adaptations will enjoy this story as well.

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