Never Without Hope

Never Without Hope

Vertical Reach = 4
Hope is almost as transparent as a character is able to become with her personal relationship with God.

Ministry Message = 4
What God has brought together let no one separate, including the two individuals. This is a great lesson especially in a time when divorces are requested and granted like oil changes.

Craft = 4
Sutton draws you in with gripping characters and realistic dialogue. It is considered rated M (married folks only) due to the some of the language being a bit more than standard CBA allowances. The plot and pace move along at just the right ebbs and flows.

Aesthetics = 3.75
The imagery is a bit blurry and could be sharper but matches and fits the overall theme. Despite an error or two I'd check it out just because I'd want to know if they used the roses on the bed.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.93 okay a 4
This book would be great for a marriage retreat or enrichment program but is also just an entertaining read, and I'm not just saying that because I know the author. The work ministers and entertains. I would not recommend anyone who is not married or is weak in their chastity as a single woman reading the book because the imagery is done well.

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