My Testimony

My Testimony: How God Used the Pain of My Dating Relationship to Get My Attention and Had Me Return to Him

Vertical Reach = 3
Todd shares different scriptures and when she prayed. There are several places she reveals the response God gave her to cries for help in her past.

Ministry Message = 4
God is a jealous God and there should be no other gods before him, including a man.

Craft = 3
Todd has a solid grasp on the ability to structure a sentence properly. The read is a bit slow and not engaging. There are several areas where she is trying to encourage the reader but comes off a bit angry.

Aesthetics =3
If I saw this in a store I would pause but keep walking. If I saw it on a mainstream website and I was looking for a Christian book, I'd stop. Otherwise it wouldn't catch my attention.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.25
Todd offers a message of wisdom from the consequences of past decisions and the desire to love God above all else. While the purpose of the book is expressed there are places it is lost in remembering or other distractions in the writing.

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