Exposed: A Novel

*This book was purchased and NOT provided by the author or publisher.

Vertical Reach = 4
The prayer life, inner turmoil and need for Christ for both Taylor Adams and Allyson Graham are left open for the whole world to see. From prayer to rejection they are free in who they perceive and know God to be in their lives.

Ministry Message = 5
All relationships and marriages can be restored despite the pain and betrayal of pornography. God loves us all and each is precious to him no matter what they have done.

Craft = 4

Ashley has a firm grip on the ability to craft a story and develop a character that will pull the reader so far into the world it is hard to put the book down until you reach the end.

Aesthetics = 5
The Weiss family is FULL of amazing talent including the ability to create beautiful, poignant on point covers. From the models to the spine it is beautifully done and executed. It even feels good.

Dollar$ & Sense = 4.5
Most readers who enjoy novels that are well written and minister will enjoy this, if you enjoy fiction that does not deal with everyday life situations or express the full extent of the redemptive healing power of Jesus then don't read this novel.


  1. I am reading this book now. :) I also read Spin the Plate and scored it the same as you. Love the way you rate things because it's more comprehensive that way. :)

  2. Thanks Michelle, I had to delete the Spin the Plate review because the author tried to attack me personally because I didn't like the book. I notified her on her Edgy Christian fiction lovers page seeing as how that is where she contacted me to review it. I mean really posting a good review on a review you don't like and saying something about the person's religious background in the comments is very unprofessional so...yeah, no. DELETE!

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  4. Just saw this, lovely! Thank you so much! :) :)

  5. Ashley,
    It is a great novel. I hope it receives the attention and readership it deserves and touches especially the hearts and lives of those affected by pornography.


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